Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday, dinosaurs, dance, and other misc.

For my birthday this year, Trevor planned a short getaway to Grand Junction.  It was about 24 hours because of  my piano teaching schedule, but we got to do some fun things. We left right after I got done teaching and went straight to Olive Garden for dinner. Afterwards, we went out for dessert and then back to the hotel for the night. The next morning, we got ready and went and had our family pictures taken. This was such a great present for me... we've had our pictures taken before, but I'm horrible and never get any ordered/printed out. They are all online and available to order, I just lack the decision making skills to choose from so many shots. We had these pics taken at JC Penney this time, which forced me to make a decision right then and there. And I'm so glad I had to. Now I actually have to family pictures hanging on our walls.

On the way home, we stopped at the dinosaur museum in Fruita. Nolan really liked it, but Kaydance was pretty timid at first, especially when we saw the robotic ones. We thought they were pretty cool, but she just wanted to stay in the sand pit thing and uncover the bones.

At the beginning of May, Kaydance had her spring dance recital. She had 2 dances this time, and did alright with both of them. I think she was too busy looking for me and Trevor and her grandmas to do the dances. She knew them and would do the whole thing in her class though. Maybe she just gets stage fright?

Kaydance is the 2nd from the left (in the back) and then moves to the 4th from the left about half way through.

Lastly, I was just going to share some cute pictures from the past few months.

I cut Kaydance's hair for the first time in her life a few weeks ago. She loves it, and I think it turned out really cute!

 This video just cracks me up. She has the cutest voice ever, and tries so hard to have cool sound effects. (Sorry it's so dark)

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Rappleye Family said...

I really want to get Alyssa in Dance!!! So cute! Guess I will have to look into where to sign up.