Monday, May 13, 2013

The Gauntlet

About a week ago, Trevor heard an ad on the radio for an obstacle course race called "The Gauntlet" and thought it sounded interesting. We watched some videos from previous years and decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad we did... it was so fun!! It was a 5K race at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway. There was lots of ups and downs, and some pretty steep hills that were nigh impossible to run up. And throughout the race they had different 'obstacles' - cement pipes to crawl through, fences to climb, mud pits to low crawl through, huge tree stumps to go over, syrup covered tarps to slip through, tire hills to climb, holes to jump in and out of, and a LONG STEEP MUDDY hill to slide down. They were also launching water balloons at you, spraying you with fire hoses, and dumping flour on you. It was awesome.

Trevor has been running a few times a week and so he was somewhat prepared for the running part. I, on the other hand, have not been training at all, and was pretty nervous about the running. Despite my unpreparedness, I was laughing and smiling the whole way through. I slipped plenty of times, and had to walk more than I would've liked to, but I did it, and I didn't come in last (which was my goal)! I even passed some people - which NEVER happens!!

This is what you get when you have long hair and thick clay/mud
And this is what you get when you slide down a steep mud hill and bounce off a rocky part

These are some of my battle wounds, which don't look nearly as bad as they feel. But despite my scrapes and bruises, I'm excited and looking forward to doing it again next year.