Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Kaydance turned 2 this month. She is such a little person, and we absolutely LOVE it. She has (mostly) learned how sing Happy Birthday and was so excited that her birthday was coming.

She loved helping me make her cake, and especially loved the cleaning up...

And she got spoiled, as usual, with all her presents.

We just can't believe our little baby is two years old now. And speaking of two and babies....

Monday, August 8, 2011

catch up

We've been pretty busy since I last posted. I think I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking. Trevor and I got to go to Park City for a week for bus training/anniversary celebrating. Four years down, an eternity to go. We got in lots of shopping, eating, movie watching, playing, and SPENDING MONEY! We did get to hike to Timpanogas Cave on our way home- a first for me. Trevor had been before, but afterwards we figured it had been about 10 years ago. He didn't remember the cave being that small.

Fourth of July was lots of fun. Trevor's cousins came down and we spent time on the mountains with them. When it came time for fireworks, we just stayed home and did some of our own. Kaydance loved doing the sparklers and the poppers (even though she didn't have great success.)

And at the end of July we got to go to an AWESOME concert with our parents. Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger. It doesn't get much better than Jukebox Hero live.

And now for a few random points. My dad has his own little zoo in the backyard. Currently, he has goats, a turkey, pigeons, and doves. At least, that's all I'm aware of. Every time we even mention Papa Rusty's house, Kaydance immediately wants to feed the animals. Papa is so good to let her feed them. She absolutely loves it!!

And here's just another picture of the red head. It's not often that she falls asleep just anywhere. She has a routine for nap time, which is wonderful, but it's always so cute when she falls asleep somewhere random.