Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm a bad blogger... what can I say? It's been almost a whole SEASON since I last posted. So, instead of trying to write multiple entries to fill you all in, I decided to combine everything and just make one post with LOTS of pictures.

Thanksgiving is always awesome in Moab, since we are both from here and both of our families are still here. We spent Thursday with Trevor's family and then Friday with my family. It's so great having two days of feasting followed by about a week of leftovers. Since our parents still do all the cooking, ( I'm a little nervous for the day to come when I have to make the Thanksgiving dinner myself) I decided to make a creative dessert. It didn't end up looking quite like the picture, but still tasted just as good.

Christmas, again, was spent trying to divide our time between both our families. Thanksgiving is a little easier since we do two different days, but there's only one Christmas Day. Plus, all of our siblings on both sides were here over the holidays.

It only took Kaydance a few minutes to get the hang of opening her presents, and she had plenty to open. She got spoiled; we started at our own house, then moved on to Grandma Knutson's house, then to Grandma Merrie and Grandpa David's house, and then finally to Grandma and Grandpa Tangren's house. It was a long day filled with opening presents, playing with presents, visiting, and eating lots of junk food. I love Christmas!

This winter was also Kaydance's first real time being out in the snow. I think we took her out for a few minutes last year, but she was only about 4 months old then, so that doesn't count. She loved being out there and building a snowman with us. She loves snowmen now. We taught her how to sing "The Snowman Song" and she sings it all the time now... so cute! (I need to get a video of her singing it.)

We did, however, get to go on a hike a few days after Christmas when it was a little warmer. It was actually really nice weather and some of us were in shorts and t-shirts. Kaydance loved being outside. I guess I've been keeping her inside most of the winter because I HATE the cold. I know that shouldn't keep her inside, but I'm still learning that, I guess.

All in all, we had a great winter, minus the snow. We loved spending so much time with all of our family eating way too much food and staying up way too late.

I love this little girl!