Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trial or Blessing?

Our life has been a bit hectic lately as we have had some major changes take place. Let me explain.... As many of you already know, Trevor was laid off from Lake City Trucks in Salt Lake in February. At that time we calculated our finances and worked out a budget that would allow us to last 2, maybe 3 months on our savings. We figured that would be enough time for Trevor to find a job. Not too long after that, maybe a few weeks, Trevor met with the foreman for Lake City Trucks in Springville who said he could start at the end of April when he would be graduated and could work full time. This worked out perfectly with our financial situation and so we decided to just focus on getting school done and not look for any more work because he had a job lined up.

On April 28, the last day of finals, Trevor took his tool boxes down to Springville. He went in to talk to the foreman and make sure that he would be starting work on Monday, May 4, like they had discussed. Unfortunately, he told Trevor that they were really slow with work and that they already had an extra man. This meant that Trevor would be on-call and would maybe get one day of work a week. This caused us some stress seeing as how we had been living on our savings, which were now pretty much gone and we had no jobs lined up.

We had decided that we were going to go home to Moab after finals and spend a few days there to relax before Trevor started work. So, regardless of this setback, we decided to head home anyway. We were there for a few days before his brother and his family got there. Originally, we were going to come back on Saturday, the 2nd, but decided that since neither of us had school or work or any other real obligations, we would spend a few more days at home before we went back to Orem to face reality.

It was the morning of the 4th, the day Trevor was supposed to start work, that we were leaving the house to go up to the family shop and do some work around there with his dad that we got a call from the head of transportation at the school district for Grand County (Moab). She explained that a salesman from Lake City in Salt Lake was down and he had mentioned that there was a guy that worked there who had just gotten laid off and was from Moab. The school district was looking for a new mechanic because the current one was going to retire. So after finding out that this guy was Trevor, she called the house and told him that there was a mechanic job open and if he wanted it, it was his. After some praying and discussing with family and friends, we decided to take the job. The funny thing is that the day before was fast Sunday and so his whole family was fasting for him that he would be able to find a job and then the next morning this happened. We figured it was a sign and we would be fools not to take the job.

Things went pretty fast after that. We came home for about a day and a half, just long enough to get his tools, our clothes and personal items, and the food from our fridge and went back down. Trevor officially started work Monday, the 11th, and it is going great. He really likes it and it has some great benefits- retirement, health insurance, better pay than his previous job, and stable. Plus it's in Moab, which is where we wanted to end up anyway; the timing was just off by a year. So that part of things is great and such a blessing.

Now the hard part: I still have one more year of school. I can not take any time off and then go back and finish or take the classes anywhere else but here at UVU in Orem. Our baby is also due at the beginning of August. Our plan for now is this: we both move home for the summer and live in his Grandma's old trailer house for free while we continue to pay rent on our apartment in Orem. Trevor will come up once a month for his ARMY drills. We have changed doctors and are going to have our baby in Moab. When August rolls around, the baby and I will move back to our apartment in Orem and I will go to school. Still not sure what to do about the baby at this point. Luckily, I will only have classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and one class on Mondays. Trevor will stay in Moab and work Monday through Thursday, four tens, and then come up on the weekends to be with us.

So, that's our big news. Sorry we won't be around Orem for the next few months. But we are really excited to be back home for a few months and for Trevor to have a job. We love Moab summers, except I'm a little skeptical about this one being pregnant and all. Oh, and if you have any good advice or know of somewhere we could take our little baby when we move back here let me know. Thanks!