Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not bad for a Moabite

Today was a pretty cool day. First of all, it was my last day of class and we didn't do anything but clean and have breakfast. Every year the automotive department throws a big breakfast on the last day of class. Our breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and pancakes was cooked on the former land speed world record holder. There are two big griddles in the back of the El Camino painted in school colors with angry UVU wolverines on the sides. The cab is stripped out and housed the massive propane tanks, while under the hood, the engine was removed and replaced with an insulated liner filled with ice to keep our drinks cold. Its pretty cool. And in case you are wondering, the engine went into a different El Camino that is the current land speed world record holder for classic coupe. Go Wolverines!!! Anyway, after our amazing breakfast, we had an awards ceremony and thats when I started to rake 'em in. First I got an award for taking 4th place in the state level of the Skills USA competition. Then I got another award for the outstanding student of the year in the diesel department. Not bad. Later that day Sarah and I were invited to a luncheon where I would be presented my third award of the day: outstanding graduate in the diesel department. The luncheon was amazing. We were fed fajitas with all the fixins' including rice and refried beans and churros for dessert. After lunch I was presented with a beautiful certificate and a nice wood pen engraved with uvu in a wooden engraved box. Who is the man? Okay enough boasting, just check out these humble pics.

Friday, April 3, 2009

And it's a......

Baby Girl!! After much waiting and anxiousness we went to the dr. today to get the ultrasound. It was pretty obvious that it's a girl. I am so super excited. Trevor, on the other hand, is in shock about the whole thing. He's not quite sure what to think. He talked about having a boy so much and how much he wanted one, that he was convinced that it was going happen, and now this. He "doesn't know what to do with a girl." I guess we'll figure it out together!! We have a few names that we've talked about that we like but nothing is set in stone as of yet. Everything looked good and my due date is still Aug. 8.