Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 years, 3 years, and 6 months

Trevor and I celebrated our five year anniversary on June 30th. It's been a wonderful 1/2 decade with lots of fun, trials, laughs, and love. We went to Vegas this year with a plan to jump off of this. 855 feet of free fall to the Las Vegas strip. 

We were stoked to do it; that was the whole reason we decided to go to Vegas this year. We called in advance to make sure there wasn't a weight limit. They said the most you could weigh was 275 lbs. That's exactly what Trevor weighs. We went ahead and made our reservations, and Trevor didn't eat for almost 2 days before we were supposed to jump- just to make sure he wouldn't be over weight. The night before we were going to make the jump, we decided to go watch some other people do it and check things out and make sure we were all ready to go for the morning. They had the "official scale" and I told Trevor to weigh in and make sure he'd be able to go. 275 exactly fully clothed. We were so excited that he'd made it, and then the lady looked over and said "Oh, you have to weigh 275 with all of your equipment and harness on, and that weighs 10 pounds." We were so mad that we made a huge fuss about it.We probably wouldn't have gone if we would have known we could only weigh 265 lbs. Luckily, we hadn't paid yet, so we weren't out any money. We consoled ourselves by going back to our room and ordering room service at 1:30 am.

 We used the money we would've spent on the jump to go see Jabawokeez. It was pretty good. But the Cirque de Soleil Mystere show was absolutely AWESOME! That was our favorite part of the trip. We went on the rides at the top of the stratosphere, rode the New York New York roller coaster, went to M&M world, saw the Bellagio fountain show, and just relaxed. Overall, it was a wonderful little getaway celebration. Our plan is to get really skinny so we can go back and jump off the Stratosphere one day....we'll see.

 In other news, Nolan started eating baby food. He loves it and eats like a champ. He looks so tiny in this picture compared to how big he is now. He turned 6 months yesterday. He can roll over, sit up, and drum roll please.......yes, he can even crawl. It's the cutest thing.

He got pretty good at Downward Dog before learning to crawl.
Little stinkbug

Kaydance is growing up too fast. We decided to go to Cache Valley to celebrate her birthday so she could play with all her cousins; something that she doesn't get to do very often, but LOVES. She had such a fun time, and we had a blast, as well.

 I love that I caught the expressions on her face. I think the presents she was most excited about getting were bubbles and gummi bears.
 I got a coupon in the mail from Shutterfly for a free book and decided to use it to make a book for Kaydance. It turned out pretty good, I guess. She really likes it and loves to show it off to all her Grandmas. These last two pictures are just ones we took on a Sunday afternoon when her hair was so cute. She let me put it in sponge curlers on Saturday night after her bath and it turned out so darling!


I love my family!!