Friday, May 13, 2011

Growing Up

Our little Kaydance has been doing a lot of growing up these past few months. First, she has started sleeping in a big girl bed and she loves it. She doesn't sleep as long as she did when she was in her crib, but it is a lot easier getting her to go to bed. She gets really excited to get to sleep in her new bed, instead of screaming because she has to get in a crib.

Every night before bed we say family prayers. Kaydance has always had a hard time holding still with her arms folded. Most of the time she just lays down on the floor and plays while either Trevor or I say it. But lately she has wanted to say the prayer. It is the cutest thing. She copies us word for word and loves to have her turn every 3 days to say it.

One big step that she has taken is her interest in the toilet. She is only 21 months, but has started potty training herself. I'm not sure that I'm really ready for that, but I'm trying to do my best. She tells us all the time that she has to "poop in the potty", and more often than not it actually happens.

When she started having success, I wanted to reward her. I know that candy is not the best option, but that's what I went with. She caught on really quick that every time she went potty she got a piece of chocolate. Pretty soon, she just started saying she needed to go so she could get some chocolate. Luckily, we've worked our way out of that one, and we just do a silly/happy/celebration song and dance when she goes. She likes that well enough I guess, because she hasn't asked for chocolate after going in about a week.

We still have her in diapers most of the time, but I've put on some panties a few times and she loves wearing them around. She was so excited to help me pick out some princess ones at the store.

This little red head of ours is getting so big and so smart. Speaking of red hair, hers is getting pretty long now. I actually tried to do a pony tail today, instead of the pigtails on top, and it looked so cute.

We're so glad that this beautiful little girl is ours forever. WE LOVE YOU Kaydance!!