Friday, November 1, 2013


Here's what we've been up to since I last posted....

In June, we celebrated our 6th anniversary. (I can't believe it's been that long already) Trevor's brother, McLain, and his wife, Sheri, were in town and we decided to celebrate together by going on the zipline course in Moab. It was so fun and worth the money we spent! My favorite quote of the day was from Sheri after putting on all her equipment around her waist and trying to put her seat belt on " I can't do anything with all this crap between my legs" Trevor and McLain both just looked at her and started shaking their heads and both said "EXACTLY, now you know what we feel like all the time!" It was hilarious! We go to do 5 ziplines and had a gorgeous view of the valley. 

We seriously live in the coolest place on earth.
 At the end of June, Trevor had his annual bus mechanic training in Park City. The kids and I decided to tag along and make a little vacation out of it. We hit up the Hogle Zoo, the Gateway Children's museum, the Living Aquarium, Monkey Mountain in Park City, and also got to visit with my Grandma. We spent a ton of money, but I loved taking my kids to things they've never been to before. They were in heaven playing and were worn out at the end of every day.

The kids loved playing with this ball with water.
 Trevor and I thought all the animals were really cool and loved to watch them. One of the funniest ones were the gorillas. They weren't doing much, and then all of a sudden, one of them reached underneath itself, pooped on his hand, brought it back through it's legs, and started eating it. I've never seen anything so gross, but, as Knutson's, we have share anything poo related!

Kaydance was more interested in her "animal supply map" than actually watching the animals.

 We stayed at the Children's museum for about 4 hours, and the kids would've stayed longer if we weren't starving. They had so much cool stuff to play with. I would totally buy a pass to go there everyday if I lived up there.

After spending all day at the Children's museum, we walked over to Temple Square for a quick visit.


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We Krazy Knuts said...

Oh that was sure fun!!! We should totally do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all those fun things you did on your little vacation...we need to go do all the cool stuff in Salt Lake...looks like so much fun!