Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks and gratitude

Here's to me finishing school!!! This was my second time graduating from college, and it feels great to be done. Again. I now have an AS in Community Health and an AAS in Dental Hygiene. I feel so accomplished.... sorta. I mean, 5 years of college to get two associates degrees?


The past nine months have been such a blur, have drug on and on, have been such a trial, and have been some of the best months of my life. Looking back now, I can't believe that I actually did it. Me. I did it. With a brand new baby and no husband; I did it.

But, really, I can't take all the credit. I had so much help from so many people. Here's my condensed list of people to thank:
1. Heavenly Father - for always listening and being there for me, when no one else was
2. My parents/in-laws - for always being willing to watch Kaydance and encourage me. Who knows how many phone calls I made to my mom complaining and on the verge of tears; but ended up being a pep talk that always made me feel better and ready to conquer.
3. My siblings/ siblings- in-law - for always reminding me how smart and strong I was. And for all the calls and emails to check up on me.
4. Janel - for always being willing to babysit a sick Kaydance at the last minute because no one else would take her. And for the many, many dinners, and talks of encouragement.
5. My visiting teachers - for bringing me dinners, and being faithful in coming to see me every month. Knowing that they were always willing to do anything for me made everything seem less daunting.
6. Kaydance - for always keeping me company while Trevor was gone and teaching me better time management skills.

And last, but certainly not least
7. Trevor - for being strong when I wasn't, for providing for our family, for encouraging me to finish, for being proud of me, for loving me, for sharing my sorrows and my joys, and for telling me I could do it, and for letting me.

I'm grateful for the friends I made, I'm grateful for the things I got to experience, I'm grateful for the knowledge I gained, I'm grateful for the self-reliance I learned, but most of all, I'm just grateful to be done!!!